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Hey there, I'm Alberto 👋

Hey! I'm Alberto. I help clients to create and improve digital products by following a process that balances user needs, business goals and technical resources.

I believe that great outcomes derive from setting the right goals, defining good metrics, and continuous experimentation and feedback.

My background in Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Science, added up to my experience working with startups, allow me to act as a communication hub between key stakeholders, visual designers and programmers, and to offer a comprehensive perspective when it comes to solving problems and bringing new solutions to the table.

I started working as a programmer back in 2008. Later in 2011, I made a career shift to UX Design. In 2014 I co-founded a startup on music education where I learned about the Lean Startup movement and how to run MVP experiments in order to validate ideas.

For more than 5 years now, I've been helping clients to bring new ideas to life and reduce associated risks by facilitating collaborative, cross-functional workshops and working with visual designers to rapidly create and test interactive prototypes.

I never stop learning, and teaching is my superpower. I've taught several short courses on Product Design for a more general audience, being my Design Sprint course on Platzi one of the more impactful ones.

I opened the first HCI course for Computer Science students at the National University of Asuncion in 2015 where I've trained more than 300 engineers to think like designers (that's one of the most important skills that I lacked when I started in industry).

I am the founder and active member of UX Paraguay community, a local space with more than 200 active members and the mission to connect, learn and share topics related to Product Design in Paraguay.

On my personal side, I think it is important to invest time on personal growth. I enjoy making music, and I love having great traveling adventures with my beautiful wife.