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Rethinking the Car Rental Experience

The official BMW dealer in Paraguay decided to revamp their car rental service. To do so, they wanted to create a shift on user's perspective: from renting a car to renting an experience. As part of their strategy they would build an app to allow users to choose the right experience.


For this Design Sprint, I recruited 2 Visual Designers and worked with the client's team that was formed by the department director, a creative director, marketing and business specialists and a software consultant.

I facilitated the process for team alignment, ideation, realistic prototyping and user testing.


  • This was a 2-week long, 100% on-site process.
  • We used Figma and ProtoPie to create a highly interactive prototype to immerse the user into a realistic experience.
  • Users found the app very intuitive and easy to use. However, there was no conclusive evidence about the differential value of using an app.
  • Further exploration and discovery work was recommended.
If you'd like to learn more about my contribution to this case study, I'd be happy to share more details on a 1:1 conversation.
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