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GU • Food Delivery

There are two established Food Delivery apps in Asuncion. However, users are often frustrated with expensive delivery prices, and stores are unhappy with having to pay high fees.

This client wanted to build an app that offered an easy way to get food delivered to your door and predictable delivery prices, competing with the established apps by offering a more convenient business model to stores.


The client hired me to help them build a product that provided a user experience that was at least equal or better than the competitors'. We had 2 weeks to come up with an MVP. Validating the business model was out of our scope.

For this Design Sprint, I recruited 2 Visual Designers and worked with the client's team that was formed by the CEO, one developer and a business analyst. I facilitated the process from planning, to team alignment sessions, ideation, prototyping and user validation.


  • We used Zoom and Miro to remotely collaborate during the alignment and ideation process.
  • After designing and validating the critical user paths, the team moved on to designing secondary screens and  dev hand-off.
  • The client moved on to development phase and launched an MVP. The product was later successfully acquired by a larger B2B company.
If you'd like to learn more about my contribution to this case study, I'd be happy to share more details on a 1:1 conversation.
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