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MakeApp • Beauty Marketplace

I led a Design Sprint to bring to create and validate a realistic prototype of a beauty products marketplace that helps young and mid-age women keep up with the latest trends and find the best offers.


I planned and facilitated collaborative team workshops, conducted user testing sessions and worked on the UI side by side with a visual designer.

I guided the team through the uncovering of the problem behind the idea: How might we help young and mid-age women keep up with the latest beauty trends and find products that fit their budget without sacrificing quality?


  • We used Zoom and Miro to remotely collaborate during the alignment and ideation process.
  • We designed the high-fidelity screens with Figma and used ProtoPie to add highly realistic interactions that included camera and real text inputs.
  • We conducted both remote and in-person validation sessions real potential users.
If you'd like to learn more about my contribution to this case study, I'd be happy to share more details on a 1:1 conversation.
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